Pinguin Surpass Stove Steel or Titanium


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Power to your pocket

Available in Steel or Titanium

The simple design of the Surpass cooker makes it one of the world's lightest and finest stoves. Its wide burner provides power up to 3500W.

The pot rest folds out, enlarging from 5 to 11 cm which is suitable for using with our Minima X and LPX cooking pots. The stove is also designed to accept the lightweight Minima and LPX Shields to increase the efficiency of the burner when there is greater air movement.  A small wire handle offers precise control for temperature regulation. 

Often small stoves mean a compromise with the size of the burner, meaning low power and a small central hot spot when cooking. Thats not the case with our special burner head, developed to be light but also provide amazing heat distribution. 

Like to travel light and fast? Then you need the Titanium Surpass Stove which offers the same great power but at an astounding 48g! 

The stove is presented in a small black carry sac which is useful for protecting it and cookware when in transportation.  

Standard Gas Cylinder
Dimension: 55 x 75 x 32mm

Stainless steel: 62g
Titanium: 48g


(Stove only, Pot and Shield not included)