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Express your inner adventure with Doppio Slavo style!

Unique designs, hand printed in Cuenca, Spain on high quality fabric.

Multi-sport sock for cycling, running and post race causal wear!

Amazing Designs are only the start with the Doppio Slavo Socks! They have a light compressive function around the bridge to stay secure on your foot. 

Composed of five fabrics for your comfort, including a smart thermo regulatory fibre which provides great breathability. Its multi-filament construction help to transport moisture to the outside keeping feet drier. A well fitted sock which would make a great choice for any adventure!


Size XS - EU33-36 / UK <3.5

Size S -   EU36-39 / UK 3.5 -6

Size M -  EU40-43 / UK 6 .5 - 8.5

Size L -   EU43-46 / UK 9 -11

Size XL   EU47+    /  UK 11.5+

Custom Design Orders available contact for more information.