AcePac - Bike Packing - Saddle Harness


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This item is for the SADDLE HARNESS only.

8 & 16l Waterproof bags pictured are for demonstration only and are available separately.

The AcePac Saddle Harness is designed to be used in combination with the AcePac Saddle Dry Bag (Pictured but sold separately with 8l & 16l options). The Harness can also be used with other dry bags etc. 

Two large and strong main straps hold the Saddlebag tightly to the seat post. The velcro closures also include a secondary Hypalon tab which provides good attachment to the smooth surface of the post but also act as a strong barrier to wear protecting the outer velcro closure. This increases durability when carrying heavier loads, bag stability and also the lifespan of the bag.   

The secondary saddle rail straps (Not compatible with IBeam saddles) ensures a are also protected with addition Hypalon flaps which take the abuse of long rides without allowing the overlaying nylon strap to be worn or damaged.

The tough carcass of the harness shape allows the use of traditional but also most effectively our conical shaped AcePac Saddle Dry Bags sold separately.  It has been designed to accommodate between 8 - 16l dry bags and still retain excellent stability of the load.

All the stressed seams are completed with BarTack Zig Zag stitching for great strength and longevity. 



Main Harness:  The main material is Cordura Nylon 6.6, complete with HDPE board and duralumin reinforcement to ensure strength. 
Buckles: Duraflex Xlite Easy Strap Holder (Fracture Resistant to -20°C)



Size: 33 x 33cm 
Weight: 390 grams