AcePac - Bike Packing - Handlebar Harness


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This item is for the BAR HARNESS only.

8 & 16l Waterproof bags pictured are for demonstration only and are available separately.

The AcePac Handlebar Harness is designed to be used in combination with the AcePac Handlebar Dry Bag (Pictured but sold separately with 8l & 16l options). The Harness can also be used with other dry bags etc. 

A pair of spacers ensures a secure fit to the handlebars so you don't have to worry about levers or bent cables. Strong velcro straps allow for simple attachment with re-enforced Hypalon flaps to provide strong resistance to wear at the contact points. Once the positioning is setup the securing straps provide added tension and security.

The tough carcass of the harness shapes around cylindrical objects such as dry bags and packaged tents and sleep systems. It has been designed to have the width required to provide excellent stability for the load. The backing support is still narrow enough to fit within standard drop handlebars for gravel or touring bikes. There is a velcro retaining patch positioned to align with that on the AcePac Dry Bags so the pack will stay in place whilst you adjust the straps.

All the stressed seams are completed with BarTack Zig Zag stitching for great strength and longevity. 

For added storage, you can also attach the 5l AcePac Bar Bag (Pictured but sold separately) to the front with purpose-made quick-release mounting points. 

(Fitting note: For drop handlebars, there are two styles of combined gear/brake lever. Most modern ones or higher spec have both gear and brake cables route from within lever hood following path under the grip tape. These provide clear and open space between the hoods for luggage. Older or budget models can have side exiting gear cables from the hood which can make it much more awkward to install luggage systems on the front bar please check your bike before ordering.)



Main Harness:  The main material is Cordura Nylon 6.6, complete with HDPE board and duralumin reinforcement to ensure strength. 
Buckles: Duraflex Xlite Easy Strap Holder (Fracture Resistant to -20°C)



Size: 25 x 16 x 12 cm 
Volume: 5L  
Weight: 360 grams