AcePac Tube Bag 2019


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The AcePac Tube Bag, we like to think of this as the "Little Extra" pack. This small 0.7 Litre pack attaches to the junction between the top tube and the seat post with three sturdy velcro straps. Or it can be placed in any small 90'ish degree angle in your frame that is free of any suspension movement. A small vacant space that can just be used to carry that little extra !

It is constructed of the same Cordura Ripstop Ecomade and waterproof YKK zips as our larger Fuel bags. Inside there is a small net carry pouch on either side and the central main space for carrying your chosen little extra ! Sweets, Chocolate or for spare tube and gas cylinder etc.

Materials:  Cordura Ripstop Ecomade - Water Resistant Coating PU 1500mm H20

Length: 13cm 
Depth: 11cm
Width: 6cm

Weight: 80g