AcePac Minima X Pot & Pan set


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The Minima X Pot & Pan Set has a slightly smaller volume main pot, but replaces the standard pot lid with a useful 500ml frying pan with handle, usable as a lid or secondary vessel for cooking. Supplied in a black net carry sack.

The pot set is made of hard anodised aluminium with a heat exchanger at the bottom of the main pot which streamlines the transfer of heat from the stove burner to the bottom of the pot without unnecessary losses, saving fuel consumption by 30%.

Fluid measurements are marked inside the pot to help with cooking. Inside the pot fits comfortably a 230g gas cartridge, a dismantled Pinguin Surpass stove and folding spoon.

The main pot volume is 900ml with a recommended max fluid level of 500mml for cooking. 

The Minima X Pot Shield and Set Bag pictured are available separately. The Shield increases the efficiency of cooking and Minima X Pot Set Bag, can transport the set and shield on a bicycle fork leg.  

Main Pot: ⌀15.5 x 12.5cm
Pan / Lid: ⌀15.5 x 6cm

Weight Combined: 262 inc Black net carry sack