TerraVenture stall at the Bike Place Show


We travel to the bike industry's summer B2B trade show to exhibit our new MSC Tires models to the southern independant bike dealer network. Also on display was our range from AcePac, Dopppio Slavo, HookAbike, Active Root and PostFender.

We kicked off our summer dealer recruitment program at The Bike Place Show at the Warwickshire Event centre. With a newly expanded range of MSC Tires we displayed the current Tractor, Roller and Gripper and added in our new Rock & Roller, SingleTrack and HotSeat prototype.

Also new from July 2019 is our high end road bike tyre, the dual compound Road Slick. This soft twin compound tyre is at home on high end road bikes with a race ready soft compound to provide excellent grip and performance for competition. With an increased range of the Road Performance and Performance Plus (protection) in Black and Tan we can now supply a range of road tyres suitable for racing, sportive, training and recreational road cycling.

The SingleTrack tyre is designed to provide the MSC range with a superb all season British trail tyre. British trails are different to our continental cousins. With the UK rider having to take on all four seasons, all year round on our tight and twisty woodland trails. The SingleTrack has been created to provide grip, steering control and excellent mud clearing whilst being a light and efficient tyre perfect for all day riding and big mountain days. There are two carcass models available, Pro Shield and Supershield, the former being a great choice for those looking for a grippy XC / Trail tyre and the later which is the same compound and width but is further re-inforced on the Sidewalls and allows the tyre’s use to be extended to more agressive gravity situations making it an excellent rear tyre paired with a Gripper up front for those tackling more challenging terrain.

Also on display were our HotSeat prototypes, (Arrival due start of September 2019) which have the new Xtreme Shield carcass.  This newly developed four ply carcass will be the base for the next generation of 3C Enduro and Downhill tyres Expect to see reviews of these in MTB Media soon.

MSC HotSeat tyre at World Cup DH

Our AcePac range drew a lot of attention especially as it was exhibited displayed on our Pipedream Cycles MOXIE hardtail. Straight after this show Keith took the Moxie bike packing around Scotland’s Western Isles and proved it’s capability as an awesome all round machine not just at home in the gravity sphere but on longer multiday rides.

A Lot of media interested was centred around our HookAbike product which is a backpack adaptor which allows you to carry your mountain bike on your back when hike-a-biking. This has been heavily tested by our adventure ambassador Sean Green of Grizzly Munro Diaries who has been ticking off the Scottish collection of mountains over 3000ft called Munros.

Grizzly Munro Diaries HookAbike Poster

Also making a guest appearance on our stall was Active Root sports drink. Based in Edinburgh manufactured in Scotland and owned by three young trail runners, this startup sports drink brand is one of our favourite partners. This trio have developed an all natural sports drink based around the refreshing and stomach settling properties of Ginger. It went down extremely well when sampled by the Expo visitors and we expect to see the brand go much further in the Cycling and Trail running market in 2019.

Active Root Ginger Sports Drink

Picking up some interest is our local Scottish designed and manufactured Postfender for keeping the mud and gloop off your dropper post. This neat product extends the life of your dropper and reduces maintenance as it prevents a build up of mud a crud on the seals. Easily installed and trimmable to suit your frame ‘s seat tube its a great idea and we expect to see these move fast when it gets closer to the winter season.


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