Header Image showing the Rock & Roller tyre in Tan wall and black options. The tyre has a fast rolling centre tread pattern with regularly spaced ramped centre tread blocks . There is then arow of small square transitional blocks which are angled to give precise steering control. The exterior row of side tread blocks are agressive for an XC tyre.


The new MSC Rock & Roller, cross country and marathon tyre designed to make you reset your expectations for rolling speed and cornering grip.

“One of the fastest and yet agressive XC tyres we have ever seen!”

The new Rock & Roller was developed to meet the increasing demands of the worlds toughest UCI XCO and XCMS. MSC have been working closely with the UCI Brújula Bike Racing Team in the development of the new Epic Shield Carcass. The combination of the new carcass and Rock & Roller tread pattern makes this model a world cup XCO  and XCMS level race tyre.

The tyres centre tread is a fast rolling double track. These two rows of regularly spaced tread blocks are elongated in the direction of travel to provide almost continuous ground contact. They have forward facing ramps set at the angle of least resistance for the wheels rotation and contact with the trail surface.

Moving out from the centre, there is a row of small square inward angled, transition blocks. These blocks provide a smooth transition when moving from centre to outer tread. The angle of these tread blocks makes the tyre co-operative in steering and provides a consistent feel when the rider leans the bike over in the turn.

The outer treads are a serrated saw tooth style, alternating at two levels which provides a wider range of contact points to the ground. This aggressive style of tread pattern is normally seen on tyres suited to Enduro or All-Mountain. However MSC have miniaturised this design for the Rock and Roller and the effect is outstanding.  The side tread holds the tyre secure on cambers and cuts into the trail deeper than most XC tyres to allow the rider to carry more speed through the corners with utmost confidence.

The MSC Rock & Roller is available in two carcass models. Epic Shield and Pro Shield.

The Epic Shield model has a puncture resistant membrane within the carcass layup which provides additional protection from bead to bead. MSC Tires usually inflate to a slightly larger size than stated, but due to the membrane the carcass is slightly less expandable. At 25psi on a 25mm internal rim the Epic Shield version inflates to an accurate 2.10″ and the regular Pro Shield to 2.25″. The ProShield has increased sidewall protection.

Rock & Roller 29″ x 2.10″ Epic Shield  (715g) £49.99

Rock & Roller 29″ x 2.10″ Pro Shield  (740g) £36.99

Rock & Roller 27.5″ x 2.10″  – Coming soon.

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